Text revision and editing

All written work (articles, book reviews etc) for revision/editing needs to be sent directly to Alyson Price alyson.price@eui.eu, unless otherwise agreed with Laurie Anderson.

When sending your work please give Alyson the following information: title; purpose (article, conference paper, book review, PowerPoint presentation etc); length of work (in pages and word number); date when the work will be ready for review/editing; ideal date for return of reviewed work. Note that we try to return work within ten working days.

All Word documents submitted will be reviewed using Track Changes, showing the reviewer's remarks and alterations.  Anyone not working in Word will need to convert their completed text to pdf and send in the pdf version. Please note that in this case you will have to transfer all the reviewer’s changes manually back to your original text.

What we do not do: check entire books (though we can give you advice on turning your thesis into a book); copy-edit texts to the required specifications of individual journal or book publishers