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I thought to tell you a bit about me, about my academic life but also the ‘rest of life’ since that has a powerful influence on work.

I’m a Canadian though I have lived in the UK since 2006, with frequent visits home to see my family including four grandsons (late teens through early 20s) and, of course, friends. I had just returned to Canada for such a visit when the Covid lockdown occurred and I have been in Canada since – living a rather solitary life aside from my engagement with the world through my laptop.

I never imagined being an academic. It happened by ‘accident’ when I was in my early 40s after working 20 years as a professional in the public sector. But once I made the shift I was committed and still see my work as a vocation so I am very much only semi-retired.

My research is about PhD experience and post-PhD career trajectories in and out of academia in a range of countries – with some of this research about learning how to teach, but in face-to-face situations.

As to my own teaching and learning experiences, they have been mostly face-to-face. I did though take an online course to understand the experience of being a student before I taught a blended course, but the technologies then were very different. During the pandemic, I have used Zoom for short workshops, invited sessions and research. But this will be my first experience of a longer ‘course’ using Zoom and Moodle. I know I will learn a lot from/with you as we try out the possibilities in these platforms and the ones you will use for your teaching exchange (and practice using in the microteaching session).


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